About Us
What We Do
Targe Australia provides sub-contract consultancy and training services to emergency and crisis management sector consultants and alike training practitioners.

Based in Sydney, Australia, our services are able to be supplied nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to improve personal and organisational resilience whether it be for corporate, government or non-government entities.
How We Do It
We have extensive experience, qualifications and training. Those attributes allow us to apply an authoritative knowledge to, and a sound assessment of your client's crisis and emergency management needs.

Our focus is on the provision of high quality, personalised services aimed at enhancing your clients' preparedness for, response to, and recovery from adverse events.

Confidentiality in all our dealings with your clients is guaranteed.

Our fee structure is on application.

We only accept advanced calendar bookings.
Background, Experience & Skills Areas
Our Background
The principal of Targe Australia has had a career in emergency services spanning more than forty (40) years. Of which, thirty (30) were spent with the NSW Police Force as a specialist practitioner and instructor in emergency management, emergency response and operational communications.

Attributes resulting in a demonstrable package of experience, knowledge and mind-set that is firmly founded in high-levels of education; forged by experience in many hundreds of incidents, emergencies and assignments; and, accompanied by a no-nonsense attitude.
What We Have Done
Direct practical national & international experience in, and the provision of instruction on:
• Inter-Agency Liaison #

• Multi-Agency Emergency & Disaster Response #

• Field & Site Operations #

• Forward Command & Control Posts #

• Local, Regional & State Level Operations Centres #

• Support Operations #

• Pandemic / Epidemic Planning & Response Operations #

• Operational Communication #

• International Humanitarian Development Aid Deployment

• Incident Control Systems (including AIIMS/ICS/ICCS/ICCS Plus)

• Event Briefing & Debriefing

• Emergency & Contingency Planning

• National & International Emergency & Crisis Management Training / Education

• National & International Emergency & Crisis Management Exercises (Simulations / Drills)

(# multiple deployments or operational engagements)
Skills Areas
Practitioner level knowledge along with extensive training and high-level education in:
• Incident, Emergency & Disaster Management

• Crisis Management

• Operational Response Management (First Response & Support Operations)

• Active Shooter - Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program Specialist (NFPA-3000 ASHER Standard - USA)

• Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist - CAS (Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board - USA)

• Emergency Risk Management

• Security Risk Management

• Emergency Planning (Community Level, AS-3745 & AS-4083 Standards)

• Evacuation Management (ISO-22315 Standard)

• Humanitarian Aid Response & Development

• Impact & Community Needs Assessments

• Recovery Operations & Services

• Exercise/Simulation Design & Management

• Civil-Military Relations & Coordination (Civ-Mil & UN-CMCoord)

• Qualified Trainer (TAE40116)

• Conference Speaker
Professional Associations
The Company We Keep
Member, Australasian Institute of Emergency Services (MAIES)
Member, International NGO Safety & Security Association
Member, Australian Security Industry Association
Member, Academy of Security, Intelligence & Risk Studies (MASIRS)
International Association of Emergency Managers - IAEM (Member)
Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management - CiiSCM - now called ASIRS (Member)
Business Continuity Institute - BCI (Affiliate Member)