Our Experience

Direct practical national and international experience in, or the provision of instruction on, or both:


  • Active Threat Education and Procedures (Active Armed Offender, Hostile Vehicle, Bomb Threats, Terrorism, etc.)


  • Emergency Risk Assessment and Management


  • Emergency and Contingency Planning / Response / Recovery (Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Major Hazard Facilities; Airports and Airlines; Government, Non-Government and Community Level)


  • Event Briefing and Debriefing


  • Field and Site Operations


  • Forward Command and Control Posts


  • Incident Control Systems (including AIIMS - ICS, ICCS and ICCS Plus)


  • Interagency Liaison


  • International Humanitarian Development Aid


  • Local, Regional and State Level Operations Centres


  • Multi-Agency Emergency and Disaster Response


  • Emergency and Crisis Management Exercises (Simulations / Drills)


  • Emergency and Crisis Management Training / Education


  • Operational Communication


  • Pandemic / Epidemic Planning and Response Operations


  • Support Operations
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