Sub-contract Consultancy Services
Management Education
Crisis management and emergency response education based on organisational plans, site plans and standing operating procedures
Staff Training
Specifically tailored training sessions to suit targeted crisis, emergency, continuity and recovery management situations
Exercises & Simulations
Crisis and emergency management exercise, simulation and drill design, facilitation, review and evaluation or advice
Procedures & Plans Advice
Emergency procedural and planning documentation review and advice
ICC & EOC Advice
Incident Control Centre (ICC) or Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) review and advice
Radio Communications
Short course on communicating via radio in regular and emergency operating environments
Operating Environments
Serious incident and emergency response in:
Multi Storey Offices and Commercial Facilities

Shopping Centres and Retail Malls

Industrial, Logistics and Business Parks

Airports & Airlines
Hostile Events
Additional management and staff education specifically for active threats such as:
Terrorism Awareness

Active Armed Offenders (Active Shooters, Active Assailants) Awareness and Response

Vehicle Ramming Attacks (Vehicle Momentum Assaults, Hostile Vehicles) Response